Windows VS MacBook Which is Best for Gaming

Windows VS. MacBook | Which is Best for Gaming?

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The basic answer is Windows because Windows has been used for gaming for so long. This clearly states that windows are the primary operating system that helps develop games on a vast platform. And on the other hand, Macs are not made for gaming purposes. 

You can use Mac for the best editing of your images and videos, but its system is meant for something other than gaming. Windows or PCs allow the user to develop games and upgrade the features of games accordingly. It can allow you to make changes to the internal system, such as graphics cards. 

Here are some essential features which clearly define the difference between Windows and Mac. These features are:


Windows were first introduced. It is the oldest and most long-lasting part of this system. Through research, it has been concluded that Windows claim for about 91% of PC usage, while Mac only has attained about 7%. 

This result shows that most people use Windows, and most of the developers and optimizers are other upgraded versions done for Windows. And when we talk about gaming, Windows is better at gaming than Mac.

Xbox One:

Xbox games can be played on Windows 10 easily. The Windows 10 user can play Xbox games anywhere. On the other hand, Mac users have to use another software to run the game on their devices. 

Playstation 4:

Playstation 4 is accessible on both Windows and Mac. You can play through PS4 Remote Play and Playstation Now, which supports streaming your games using Sony’s hardware instead of owning a specific PS4 special for your system. 

Different Options for Optimization for Gaming:

Different tools and features are built-in or need other software to be installed. Windows users can spend their time optimizing their performance while playing games. And the most common mode used while gaming is the Game mode which you can turn on by following these steps:

  1. Settings 
  2. Gaming 
  3. Game mode 
  4. Switching the toggle On 

These steps allow you to prioritize your game, giving you more and better options for the excellent performance of your work.  

These steps can do an alternate way for optimization:

  1. Settings 
  2. Advanced system settings 
  3. Switch to the progressive setting in the menu 
  4. Chose settings under performance 
  5. Visual effects 
  6. Adjust for best performance 
  7. Apply 

It can help you improve your computer’s performance by allowing you to adjust the game’s visuals while playing. On the other hand, Mac doesn’t have such options. These systems do not consist of such opportunities to improve or optimize. This clearly shows that Mac systems are not made for gaming. 


There is considerable concern with the pricing of Windows and Mac. Whenever a user decides to buy a new PC for gaming especially, they prefer to consider its operational performance and, most importantly, the game’s graphics.

So, in this case, most users prefer to spend their money on Windows because it not only gives better performance but also provides the gamer with excellent graphics. That is why Windows users never regret choosing this system for gaming. 

On the other hand, Mac is an entirely different system. This system is not meant for gaming, so Mac creators made the hardware like they have graphics controlled by Intel graphics, and when you go for high-priced Mac systems, it can allow you to play games. That hardware can give you access to such heavy-intensive games. 

Customizing / Upgrading:

The main difference between Windows and Mac while upgrading or customizing your system is that Windows; components are easy to purchase because they are readily available in the market and don’t create such hurdles while boosting.

In contrast, the Mac makes such limitations on the spot when upgrading your system because the components of the Mac are not readily available in the market.

Pros & Cons of Windows Gaming PC:

Pros of Gaming PC:

It has different advantages that are:

  • Powerful hardware 
  • Upgrading options 
  • Best for the price 
  • More storage 
  • Windows Operating system 

Cons of Gaming PC:

There are some disadvantages as well, which include:

  • Sometimes expensive, depending on the performance
  • Maintenance is required more 
  • It covers more space and is heavy to handle 
  • Using more than two PCs can make more noise.

Pros & Cons of MAC PC:

Pros of Mac:

Mac is usable in many ways, so its advantages are listed below:

  • Simple and easy to use 
  • It covers less space and is light in weight 
  • Don’t require much maintenance 
  • Macs don’t make much noise 

Cons of Mac:

Macs have disadvantages as well:

  • Weak in graphics card 
  • Not easy to upgrade 
  • Macs are not meant for gaming purposes 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I get a gaming PC or a Macbook?

If you are more focused on gaming, then Windows or PC is the best choice for gaming purposes. Macbooks are not meant for gaming tasks. 

Why are PCs better than Macs?

Windows are much better than Macbooks. If your PC is stuck or slow, it will never shut down suddenly. And if a Mac works slowly, it will not only process slowly but also distort and stop working permanently. 

Do gamers use Macbooks?

Recently, Macbooks are not the best choice for gaming, but Macbooks can help in gaming as well, and they are far more pricey. 

Which Macbook is best for gaming?

The 16-inch Macbook Pro is the best Macbook now, which is best for gaming. It includes different built-in features which are in the upgraded version. 

Is Windows faster than Macbook?

Windows slows down earlier than Macbook because windows work more and it can run more apps. With time it started to get stuck, and the operating system started to fall. This is why Macbooks are faster than windows.


Windows are better in gaming performance and far better than gaming in processors and frame rate. They are considering various users and different systems. PCs are compatible, and you can run any old to the recent version of the software. Windows are better for high-intensive gaming.

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