What is DPS in Gaming

What is DPS in Gaming?

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This article will teach you different and essential facts regarding DPS. What is DPS? Dps is the most important thing in video games which is considered as playing in different ways depending on the game.

Different video games include a powerful combination which suggests a player to a strategic plan and implies the plan in using other moves to defeat the opponent. That is the real mastermind gaming seen in RPG and fighting games dealing with Damage per Second (DPS).

DPS in Gaming:

DPS is an abbreviation for Damage per Second. It deals with the number of damage a winner or hero can implement within a second. DPS depends on loadout, abilities, skills and level. It can change significantly depending on what armament you choose.

This can be collected by fighting a mob or any enemy for almost five seconds and dividing the total HP by five. You will see the damage Per Second through analytics in gaming as optimal, assuming that you attack correctly for a minimum of one Second. It is used more often to mean the actual damage per Second through its literal meaning.

DPS is related to the levels that are skilled in constructing the damage. It can be played the same way as a tank, fighting attack, or the group to overcome or heal. Most games have many levels that deal with the damage and have a DPS. Most games, which are of different types, deal with more damage than others.

DPS Character:

A DPS character is one whose primary focus is to create damage in gaming. It primarily refers to those who play on the opposite or defensive sides. Do you know that all heroes in a game are DPS characters, but it’s not like that?

The damage they create depends on how many attacks a character makes. The power or stamina of a DPS character relies on the accuracy of their hits. You have to attack accurately. 

So if a character wants to be a DPS character or intends to use the power as much as the DPS character, it should know how to attack accurately. You have to take proper training for that.

Types of DPS in Gaming:

There are two different types of DPS in gaming which are:

  1. Burst DPS 
  2. Sustained DPS

Burst DPS:

Burst DPS (damage per Second) refers to how much damage you have created in just a short minute. It depends on the attacks you did in a short period. And if you use high burst damage, then it has a more significant impact on the low health targets.

In this short time, most of the levels contain few abilities or less potential, resulting in large amounts of damage. This kind of damage is ranked in PVP circumstances, but due to its feature, it is too expensive.

Sustained DPS:

Sustained DPS refers to the damage that is done continuously over a long time. Heavy sustained damage is the most incredible option for dealing with opponents or targets with good health. Any level which is properly prepared may give a good kind of sustained damage.

How to calculate DPS?

You are aware of what DPS is, and now you will get to know how to calculate DPS. Damage per Second is the number of such attacks a defender or enemy side made, for how many times a player can hit the enemy each Second. It is the amount of damage that deals like a unit for DPS.

It is calculated by dividing character damage by the weapon hit by time. 

DPS= Damage/Time

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Increase DPS Rating:

There are many factors through which you can increase the rating of your DPS.

  • Add such abilities or skills that you can use to attack faster (e.g. Wind Slash with Cyclone Armor)
  • Use specifically those weapons or ears which are excellent and high in rating. 
  • Select a character that has the “increased X” stat like PVP Character of Perplexity

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does DPS work in video games?

In gaming, DPS refers to damage per Second. It is a measurement of damage that a player can make throughout the game. It is allowed in some of the games so that one can show their power or potential to attack.

Is high DPS better?

Yes, high DPS is better. It can impact the damage you do while fighting in the game.

Who is the strongest DPS till now?

The DPS character which stands at the top of the list is Ganyu.

How is DPS calculated?

The most understandable formula for DPS calculation is that 

Single shot damage * shots per Second = damage per Second

This formula can be applied to different situations.

What is more important, DPS or damage done?

DPS is the amount of damage done per Second in the whole fight. So it is stated that DPS and damage done are equally important and helpful.


DPS is a core part of gaming that can tell players to play fast and throw faster attacks than others. You can increase the DPS differently, improving your damage capability and other gaming factors in PVP battles. It will make your game more enjoyable.

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