What does RAM do for Gaming

What does RAM do for Gaming?

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Are you searching for good RAM, and how it affects your Gaming? This outline will let you know about it all when you are deciding to upgrade or going for a new purchase of any part of your PC regarding games. Each element impacts your system differently; if you don’t use it carefully, it can cause disruption.

RAM plays an essential role in gaming PCs. You will learn in detail about RAM’s role in Gaming, how much RAM you need for Gaming, and all other crucial facts.

What is RAM?

You all know that RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a short-term memory in your computer that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code. It is a temporary memory or storage space where your computer stores data it needs to retrieve quickly.

How does RAM work?

RAM gives a vast amount of storage or a place to store and access data on a short-term basis. It keeps information on your computer that you are actively using so that it can access it quickly. The more programs your system runs, the more RAM you need, and it should have a good quantity of FPS (frames per second)

Note: You should have more RAM because sufficient RAM can lead to a slow system.

How is RAM used in Gaming?

RAM is essential for Gaming because it retrieves information from memory. Your important news and data are stored in your hard drive or another solid-state drive, but if you continue using it from there, it can be inefficient. But if you have excellent RAM in your system, it can hold your gaming information and give you access to it quickly.

If you have a low RAM, your system cannot store the game’s information correctly. The thing to keep in mind is that some of the best games come with built-in video cards and have their RAM, which other name is vRAM. If you want your game graphics to be visible more efficiently, like in 4k, then you need more RAM. 32 GB RAM is more than enough for Gaming, but still, it will be affected by the video graphics around 2GB.

Having More RAM is Better:

You already know your game needs more load to be efficient and provide good results. If you think that having more RAM can result in better performance, it’s true, but you have to think about the fact that if you have excessive RAM so it can hold only the required information, and other storage will leave waste.

For instance, if you install 32GB RAM in your system and you utilise only 2GB RAM for such games, then the other vast amount of storage will remain untouched. But it is good to have more RAM because it would be helpful in future.

How much RAM is required in Gaming?

The most commonly used RAM is 8GB which is generally used in PCs for Gaming. Research proves that the efficient working of the RAM varies between 8GB and 16GB of RAM. But if you play an old game, it can use only 4GB RAM. But with time, like games are built to be more complicated and highly intensive, more than 4GB of the RA is needed.

If your computer is not only used for Gaming and you use it for other purposes like video editing, other heavy tasks or different activities, then 16GB of RAM is required to be used. Mainly, RAM is needed for heavy games and gaming tournaments, so it has a future.  

Essential Facts of RAM for Gaming:

Every RAM has not the same function, and not every RAM is the same. It has different specifications and facts, which are the following:

  • DDR Designations 
  • Speed
  • Number of Sticks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will 32GB RAM improve FPS?

32GB of RAM is the most popularly used among gamers, and the increase in your FPS from 16GB is the key to an improving FPS. 

Is there any difference between 16GB of RAM and 32 GB?

The central fact that differs between these two is their storage capacity. 32 GB of RAM had more storage capacity than 16 GB of RAM.

Can you have too much RAM?

Adding too much RAM is good, and it is also not good. If you have more RAM, it will still be utilised according to the requirement of games, and the other vast amount of memory will be left unused. But it is better for future use. If you are spending money on buying more RAM, there is nothing to regret.

How to choose RAM for a gaming PC?

RAM is the best component for Gaming. And gamers as well. Adding more RAM will help your system run more efficiently, give quick responses, and improve the frame rate.

What does RAM do for Gaming?

RAM is an essential component in Gaming because it allows the user to load the game efficiently and more quickly, resulting in better performance.


To conclude, RAM is a short-term memory that temporarily holds gaming information. 8GB is the starting point for your Gaming, but 16GB is best needed for your future purpose. The more RAM, the better the speed. Keep in mind to check the number of slots on your motherboard when going to purchase RAM.

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