Single Sided VS. Double-Sided M2

Single Sided VS. Double-Sided M2 SSDs

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M2 Drivers can be both single-sided and double-sided. It depends on the chips it has. Single-sided drives have chips only on the single side, while double-sided drives have chips on both sides. Because of chips, the double-sided drives have more storage and perform better.

It was an overview. Now, look at the facts you need to know about Single sided and double-sided M2 drives.

What is M2 Drive?

M2 SSD is a small form factor in a solid state drive (SSD) installed and used internally for storage expansion cards. They are designed in such a way that can allow the computer to access such high performance and storage.

Single-Sided M2 Drive vs Double-Sided M2 Drive:

Single-Sided M2 Drive  Double-Sided M2 Drive 
contains chips only on one side. It includes chips on both sides.
All the storage or power will be dealt through one side where the chips are inserted. All the storage or power will be dealt with through both sides because it is double-sided.
Restricted to storage capacity  Extra storage capacity 
Smaller form factor Larger form factor
Low in performance Better in performance

How can I know that my M2 Drive is Single sided or Double sided?

There are some suitable ways to quickly identify whether your drive is double-sided or single-sided in the following steps:

  • Look at its sides because the single-sided drive has one side of chips, and the other is empty. In contrast, the double side has chips on both sides of the drive. 
  • Due to their storage capacity, double-sided look thicker than single-sided drives. 
  • The next thing to focus on is its size. How can you check the size? So when you buy M2 Drives according to size, look for a motherboard with specific PCI-E slotting.

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Which is more convenient to use?

It is a tricky question to choose which M2 Driver is convenient to use. It will depend on your motherboard. The form of your motherboard and the size of your motherboard identifies whether it is easy to install (single-sided or double-sided).

The previous and older motherboards are created with single-sided M 2 drives. And your motherboard is built to make many other physical changes, and other purposes can be plugged into your motherboard. That’s why there was no need to install double-side dM2 drives. 

The most recent motherboard is being built using a double-sided M2 drive. The new motherboards come with rubber pads, risers and other features that allow you to fill in the space of a single-sided M2 drive.

Note: These rubber pads and risers are essential things to consider, and it helps you to get installed quickly.

Which M2 drive is better for Gaming?

To choose between these two single-sided and double-sided drives, which one is best for Gaming, you have to keep three essential factors in mind. These factors have a significant impact on your gaming PC. M2 drives depend on performance, size and other requirements. Let’s discuss the following:

  • First, talk about the performance. Optimising is necessary for Gaming, so this factor is most important because optimising the game will optimise its potential. Choose that drive that can offer you wide storage with extra capacity and works fast. And you know that this drive is a double-sided drive. 
  • Another factor is size. If we talk about double-sided drives, which cover more space on your motherboard, you do not have extra room for other drives to be installed, like PCI-E slots and graphics cards. It covers more physical space. 
  • Now, the last factor is what. It depends on which drive you are using. If you are using a single side drive, there is less expectation of producing heat during the operation or while Gaming. But if you use a double-sided drive, there are more chances of getting heated up. Double-sided drives have chips on both sides, producing more heat while Gaming.

On the other hand, a single-sided drive is better than a double-sided drive in case of a more balanced drive. Because it can save you from heating risks, there will be more space on your motherboard.

M.2 and NVMe SSDs:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is more expensive, double-sided or single-sided?

Double-sided M 2 drives are more expensive than single-sided M 2 drives because double-sided drives provide extra storage and perform better.

Why is lower capacity drives usually single-sided?

It’s simple because double sides have chips on both sides, which means it covers more storage though it has extra space. And single sided drives have chips on one side, which means they can cover less storage on your motherboard, and you can add other drives or slots as well for better working.

Are there different types of M 2 slots?

There are two other types of M 2 slots: SATA and NVMe-based. The difference between these two is their storage capacity and price.

Which is faster; Double-sided or single-sided?

Double-sided is faster than single-sided because it is better in performance and it can optimise and operate in less time.

What is the main difference between single-sided M 2 drives and double-sided M 2 drives?

It’s the chips that are placed on both drives and their functional performance that can define them very well.


If you know the main factors of both drives, then it’s clear to choose between the single-sided or the double-sided. When it doubles the size, it will double the storage. You cannot always take risks, but it depends on your work and requirements. Considering the drive’s size, storage and performance, you can set up your PC or purchase the motherboard.

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