How to Screenshot one Monitor

How to Screenshot Only One Monitor?

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Are you looking for some procedure or steps to print the screen of only one Monitor? In modern times, using multiple monitors simultaneously is becoming more common. Most gamers prefer to use multiple monitors for a broad view of the game, which increases its visuals. And this kind of setup for windows is the most preferred.

But this outline is helpful if you want to snapshot one Monitor while using multiple monitors. 

Screenshot one Monitor using Windows:

Following are the steps of how to screenshot Monitor using windows:

If you want your screenshot to be saved directly to the folder, press the Windows key and the Prt Sc (print screen) key

This file will be shown in the picture folder in the screenshot folder. If the folder doesn’t exist before, then after taking a screenshot, it will be created immediately. 

If you want to capture one Monitor only, press the Alt key, the Windows key, and the Print. Sc key

Through this, you can only take a screenshot of the current window on the desktop. This screenshot will exclude the other programs running in the background. 

What is different on Windows 7?

In Windows 7, you must press only 1 key to taking a screenshot of the whole screen. A key is visible on the top right of your keyboard, so you have to press the PrtSc key. If you are working on a laptop, you must press the main function key, the fn key, and the Print Screen key. 

How do I stop my Screenshots from going to both Monitors?

Capturing the snapshot of your screen is simple, and it just clicks in seconds. But when you add multiple monitors to it, it will be complicated for you to take a screenshot. Now, these steps will tell you how to take a screenshot avoiding other monitors;

  • Windows key + Shift +S 
  • After pressing, when your screen dims, your mouse will point to your cursor, and you can navigate it to the desired screen you want to capture. 
  • Then you have to point the cursor on your screen, and then before clicking, drag the boundaries of both monitors to the opposite corner of the area you want to snapshot.

The Snipping Tool:

  • The Snipping Tool comes only in Windows 10. This tool can get your job done. 
  • Go to Start Menu, click Snipping Tool or search for the tool in the menu box. 
  • Then go to the Mode Menu, and click on Full-screen Snip. 
  • Through this, you can capture the active screen you are working on. 
  • The Snipping Tool is limited to only the snapshot done by one Monitor on which it is active. It does not consider other monitors unless and until you go to settings to switch the monitors. 
  • The Mode menu contains the option for a full-screen Snip that can capture your active screen. If you want to capture the screen of another monitor, you have to go to the settings and switch your primary Monitor to another one. 

Screenshot One Monitor Windows 10:

Snip is another name for a Snipping Tool that you can take a snapshot of. Windows 10 already has this feature and is now introducing its alternative for screenshots which you must know about. The following are the steps:

  1. Go to Search, which is being seen in the bottom left corner of your desktop, and then search for Snip and Sketch. 
  2. When the new screen appears, press Ctrl +N or New in the upper left corner of the page. 
  3. Then select the Rectangle tool to start snipping your monitor screen. 
  4. Now, with the help of your mouse, cut the specific area you want to take a snapshot of. 
  5. After that, you can see your screenshot in the Snip and Sketch tools. 
  6. You can also save your screenshot by pressing Ctrl S or clicking on the Save icon. 

Screenshot one Monitor using MAC:

If you are an iOS user and you have a Macbook, then don’t worry. You can learn how to screenshot one Monitor using the MacBook in the following steps:

Full-Screen Screenshot: For a full-screen snapshot, you must press the Command key + Shift+3. This produces a shutter sound, meaning your screenshot is captured and saved in the file. 

The default key: Press Command key + Control + Shift + 3. This will save your screenshot in the cupboard instead of keeping it in the folder. 

Particular part Screenshot: If you want to capture the screen of a particular part of your screen, then. Press Command key + Shift + 4. Through this, the mouse pointer will become crosshair, creating a specific region around the part you want to snapshot by dragging the cursor. 

Copy to Clipboard: Instead of saving this snapshot, press Command + Control + Shift + 3. Through this, your snapshot of the specific region or part will be copied to your clipboard.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an alternate way of taking a screenshot?

  1. Point the cursor on the screen you want to capture. 
  2. Press Ctrl +Alt PrtScn
  3. Click on MS Paint and press Ctrl + V or copy to paste the picture there. Then you can save your screenshot. 

How do I take a Screenshot of one Monitor in Windows 11?

The simplest way to get a snapshot on Windows 11 is the Snipping Tool, which will appear by pressing the Windows key + Shift + S. this will allow you to take a shot in the way of your choice. 

What are the other techniques for taking a Snapshot?

You can take a snapshot or capture the desired part of your screen in the following ways:

How to take a Special screenshot on Windows?

If you want to customize your snapshot, then these tools are helpful for you:

  • EaseUS
  • Experts 

Can I screenshot one Monitor with the Print Screen button?

More than just using the PrtSc button for taking a screenshot is required for one Monitor’s screen. If you have dual or multiple monitors, then more than the Print Screen button is needed to take a screenshot of one Monitor. 


Capturing a screenshot or taking a snapshot of a specific region (crop) is as easy as we do on mobile phones. But still, some people face this complicated one to be done. This outline will help you in any way you desire to take a screenshot. Now taking a screenshot of one Monitor is easy for you.

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