Easy Makeshift Mouse pads And Alternatives

7 Best & Easy Makeshift Mouse pads And Alternatives

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If your mouse pad got worn out and at the moment you can’t buy the new one or might be you have an urgent use of the mouse pad, and you don’t have it with you, and you need an alternative for it. 

You need to look out for the nearest stuff you’ve got around you in the home or office you are sitting in and try to finish your work. Your thoughts might have stuck to the point of what things can be used as an alternative for the mouse pads.

You need to dig into the article and get the information about the alternatives you prefer and the materials you should avoid using as the makeshift mouse pad.

Things To Remember Before Choosing a Makeshift mouse pad:

Here are a few of the things you should keep in your mind before you look out for makeshift mouse pad material.

Free Movements:

Just look out for the stuff or any material that allows you for free movements while using the mouse and does not make you feel irritated while using it.


Everything is always preferred clean by the users, and when it comes to the mouse pad alternative, the material muse needs to be clean, and it is supposed to keep dust from attaching to the mouse.

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You will be comfortable with your work only if you use the comfy mouse pad alternative, making the movements more precise and accurate.

Protection of Your Desk:

Never use any of that material that damages your table, and you might find any risk regarding your desktop table. The protection of your desk should be a great aspect to see before you choose the mouse pad alternative.

Material Type For Alternative:

Typically, aluminum is used to make hard mouse pads, while high-quality textiles make soft ones. It’s essential to choose the correct material. Hard surfaces have too little frictional contact that enables rapid mouse movement. However, soft mouse pad materials increase pointed accurateness.

Alternatives For mouse pads:

Some of the alternatives for the mouse pads turn out to be always so useful if you use them for a makeshift mouse pad.

Hardcover Book:

Hardcover Book also has a great material to use for the makeshift mouse pad because it can be plain and accurate for good movements. If you are working and don’t have a mouse pad with you, it might help you much better, or you can also use the book’s pages instead of the hardcover.

Wooden Desk:

If the surface of the wooden desk is not rough and hasn’t any bumps on it, then yeah, it can also be one of the best alternatives to use as the mouse pad material. You should feel free to use the wooden desktop as a makeshift mouse pad.


Cardboard is a material you can find easily around you, or you can use one of the cardboard which you got the stuff in after you order something from Amazon and any other website. You can cut it to the size of your personal preference and which you find yourself comfortable using as the makeshift mouse pad.

A Magazine:

Grab the nearby magazine you’ve got, and you can use it as the makeshift mouse pad, but be careful to choose one with a plain and smooth surface and remove any of the sticky pages it has got in there so it won’t be an obstacle for you while you use the mouse on it.

Duct Tape:

Mouse always needs a smooth and plain surface on which it can work in a better way. Choose any of the plain surfaces, and then you can paste the duct tape on it, and it will adhere to that surface without causing a sticky effect, making it a great alternative for the mouse pad.


The fabrics of the bedsheet are smooth surfaces. You can fold up one of your bedsheets and place it on your desktop to use it under the mouse while working or for the casual use of your computer or the mouse.


When you’re not around your desktop, your lap may be a fantastic alternative to a mouse pad. You may use it to browse the internet freely, but think that it can stick to your palm or lap if your palms are moist by sweat or by any other means.

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Surfaces You Need To Avoid For Alternatives:

Yeah, you can use almost all of the material you find around you as your alternative for a mouse pad. However, it would help if you still were precautious about the stuff you will use as the makeshift mouse pad, and you need to know about the things you should avoid before choosing your makeshift mouse pad.

Bumpy surfaces:

A bumpy surface is one of the worst obstacles between you and the mouse. Even if you imagine using the mouse over a bumpy surface, the first thing you will realize is that your cursor is not moving in the right direction, and it can also cause irritation.

Reflective Surfaces:

Reflective surfaces are not suitable for makeshift mouse pads because reflective surfaces always reflect the light, which can affect the mouse movements and make them less accurate when you are trying to move the pointer fast, so it can be slipped while using it.


The plastic surface you chose to use may catch a lot of dirt on it, which will also be on your mouse or might get into it, and it may affect the accuracy of mouse movements and end up making you feel irritated about it.

Soft fabrics:

A smooth surface is okay, but choosing a very soft surface can be scary. Over soft fabrics you are using can end up gathering dust from the surroundings, and it can also affect the percentage of sensitivity of your mouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Size Should the Alternative mouse pad Be?

You can choose a size of a kind, whatever you want because it can be your choice and it’s okay if you choose the bigger size or just the normal one. You can choose a size or your alternative mouse pad surface as the normal mouse pad, or else it can also be the one of your entire desktop surface size, either way, you find it comfortable to use it.

Do I Need to Use a Mouse on a Hard Surface?

This thing depends on your choice and also the fact for which purpose you are using the mouse. If you are using it for gaming purposes, you can use the hard surface. Still, if you are using it for daily office work, then it is suggested that you use the smooth and comfy surfaces as your makeshift mouse pad.

Are Mouse Movements Affected By Wet Surfaces?

As a mouse is an electronic gadget, water can result in damage to your mouse working along with inaccurate movements, so you should try to avoid this and don’t use the wet surface under your mouse.

Can Your Mouse Get Damaged by These Makeshift mouse pads?

Makeshift mouse pads often won’t do any harm. Furthermore, it would help if you utilized a mouse pad appropriate for your current optical mouse. Last but not least, you should utilize a mouse on a mouse pad replacement that you find user-friendly and has a flawless surface for the mouse’s effortless movement. 


Almost all of the surfaces mentioned as alternatives for mouse pads will work finely for you over a long period. But the main thing you need to consider is to choose the surface according to your mouse type or keep in mind the work you are doing. For instance, If you are a gamer, you might need any hard surface for faster movements, but if you are a regular office worker, something smooth and comfortable will be best for you.

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