Is 60Hz Good for Gaming

Is 60Hz Good for Gaming? Things You Should Know!

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This era is an advanced era with many advanced features and upgrades in the system. Are you looking for something suitable for gaming? Are 60 Hz and 75Hz now a thing of the past but still ideal for any gaming? A monitor with a refresh rate lower than 144 Hz is unlikely to make a list.

What does Refresh Rate mean?

The refresh rate is the number of times a raster-based display device displays a new image per second. It is independent of the frame rate. Which describes how many photos are stored or generated every second display.

What happens to 60 Hz monitors?

No need to worry! The monitors with low refresh rates are still being produced and are still a good option. 60 Hz is the lowest number in the technology race, but you can still use this for gaming because this year has upgraded and modified the features. So, 60Hz is still an excellent option for gaming. 

Facts for Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is essential for your computer’s display. To achieve a higher refresh rate along with great FPS then, you have to keep in mind the following factors that will help you in good gaming:

  • Hardware configurations
  • Determining your system’s capability
  • Adaptive sync 
  • Choosing the right monitor 
  • Upgrading your system for smoother gameplay

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Refresh Rate vs. FPS:

Refresh rate and FPS are 2 different things.

Refresh Rate  FPS ( frames per second)
If you have a 60 Hz monitor and your computer can deal with 100 FPS during a game, you can only see 60 frames per second because your monitor is refreshing only 60 times a day. In the case of FPS, if you have a computer with 30 frames per second linked with a 60Hz monitor, you will see only 30 frames per second, which results in bad-quality visuals.

So your gaming is confined to your monitor and hardware that generates a specific amount of FPS. with the higher refresh rate, the computer will work smoother than the other one.

Advantages of 60Hz:

The limit is not only till 60 Hz, but the refresh rate has exceeded the higher rate than 60 Hz. You already know that the processing or gaming will be smooth if your monitor has a higher refresh rate. As compared to other high refresh rates, 60 Hz is not a wrong decision, so it has the advantage also that:

  • It is still good for gaming
  • 60 fps on a 60 Hz gives a smooth gaming experience 
  • It costs less as compared to the higher rates
  • If you want to play as 3rd person, sitting far than 60 Hz is enough

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60 Hz vs. 120 Hz:

We have chosen this comparison to best explain the difference between the lower and higher refresh rates. In the past, 60 Hz used to be the best standard rate for gaming, and it is still in use as the most standard rate for gaming. But with time, many upgraded versions replaced the former, so the new, more standard gaming rate is 144 Hz.

60 Hz 120 Hz
At 60 Hz, you will notice a little disruption while playing or viewing the visuals, but it is not that bad. You can still use this while gaming. At 120 Hz, you will notice that the visuals, the view of the camera, and the objects in the game move very quickly and smoothly without any disruption. This means your eyes can easily perceive what your camera wants to show.

After using 120 Hz in gaming, many people thought 60 Hz would get disrupted. But that’s not true. 60 Hz is still suitable to use for gamers who want to use it.

What is the best 60 Hz gaming monitor?

If you are going to use 60 Hz, then you have to decide on a specific screen. Here is an overview of some of the efficient ones. These are concerned with affordable prices along with the adjustability using larger screens, 

Asus VS228H-P:

This 1920*1080 monitor is relatively bare-bones but gets the job done at a reasonable price. As a bonus, it supports refresh rates up to 75 Hz. Its 21.5″ screen is big enough for most; if desired, it’s VESA mountable. Lastly, its 5ms response time means you should feel virtuality with no delay, unlike many traditional screens.

Scepter E248W-19203R:

Another monitor with 60 Hz or up to 75 Hz. Sceptre’s 24′ is another excellent budget offering with a larger display and built-in speakers, although we’d highly recommend using a headset.

New Releases:

Graphics cards play an essential role in your gaming. You will find it installed on your motherboard in the GPU. Like all technology, they upgrade graphic cards with new versions. New series of cards and refresh rates can take massive leaps in performance.

Like lower refresh rates, older graphics cards are still the ideal ones for your needs and frequently have drop price rates when they introduce new technology. That’s an advantage for you also.


Whether it is 60 Hz, 75 Hz, or 120 Hz depends on your gaming needs. If you are a daily gamer, you don’t need to upgrade your system to a higher rate. And if your hardware can bear 100 frames per second, then it is the best option. But obviously, the higher the refresh rate, the more your monitor will work competitively. 60 Hz is sufficient for players of any game. 

On PC:

  • 60 Hz is ideal for any game, even a 4K game
  • The main advantage is that it enhances precision 

That is ideal for shooting games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Rocket League.

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