Is 1080P Enough

Is 1080p Enough? Benefits, Disadvantages & Best Uses

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1080p has mainly used resolution for videos, movies, gaming, and many more. It is the highest and maximum resolution which gives high-quality pixels. As the primarily used one resolution, it is best considered by those who want to develop games, web browsing, software, other apps, etc. 

Why 1080p?

1080p gives the best resolution on a remarkable level. It is budget-friendly and can be used for all purposes. All of this is just because of its pixels and good quality. One of the best reasons to have 1080p is its price and performance. At the same time, other resolutions like 4k are 5 times more than the price. Similarly, 1440p is 2 times more expensive than 1080p. 

It is the most commonly used resolution, so if you are worried about graphics clarity, it is useless because 1080p is enough for your Monitor. It is easily stretchable to show you defined details of games, movies or videos, etc. 

What are the other Resolutions?

There are other resolutions, which are divided into different ranges of resolutions. These resolutions are:

1440p (2560 x1440):

This is a middle-range resolution that is considered between 1080p and 4k. Casual gamers prefer to use this resolution for their daily gaming. It can easily show the graphics on any biggest (up to 32 inches) monitors. No worry about the pixels getting stretched on such a large area. It will give the visuals as it is with no effect in sharpness and pixels. 

4k (3840×2160):

4k is the maximum limit of the present times. Now, this resolution limit is becoming familiar to all users. It is the most clearly defined resolution till now. 4k gives you a 4 times clearer view than 1080p. If you want to use 1080p along the 4k, then the difference will be clear enough to let you choose between these two. You can consider your 180p as your secondary preference and the 4k as your primary preference.

Factors that Affect How Your Monitor Looks Without Resolutions:

Colors on your screen:

It’s not about the resolutions. The manufacturers mainly control the colors. 


Some of the content you are viewing has an artificial resolution that increases with the pixels. As a result, you get distorted pixels. These resolutions are made on intentions. But 4k needs to be in order, requiring such excellent solutions. 

Refresh Rate of Monitor:

The refresh rate is measured in frames per second, depending on how many times you refresh the screen. In most cases, 60hz is fine for almost all circumstances and includes gaming. 

Size of the Monitor:

The size of the Monitor varies with the resolution. The larger the size of the Monitor, the more pixels it allows to spread around the screen. The commonly used 1080p is accessible to all monitors. It can apply to any size of Monitor. 

Benefits of 1080p:

1080p is commonly used for all purposes. Here is a list of users for which 1080p is beneficial:

  • Freelancers
  • Casual gamers 
  • Web browsing 
  • Software developers 
  • Game developers 
  • Movies & streaming 
  • Netflix 
  • Different Apps creator 

Disadvantages of 1080p:

1080p is enough for different gaming. It provides excellent quality pixels so you can enjoy the total pixels of the games and play more interestingly. It is good, but it has some disadvantages also, which include:

  • The main reason is pixels. In 1080p, the pixels are limited. The size affects the image’s clarity, and the displays are unsuitable for screen sizes above 24 inches. 
  • So, if your Monitor is 24 inches, it should be considered the size of a 1080p monitor. Then, the pixels will be more clearly defined. 
  • Choosing to work with a higher resolution than 1080p is unsuitable. 
  • If you want to edit 4k videos or work on 4k models, you need more than your 1080p Monitor for high-quality graphics. 
  • It is evident that if you want your game to look like reality or your graphics to look 3D, it allows only high resolutions. 
  • High resolutions make your work look more precise and sharp with good graphics. 

1080p in the Future:

The current normal is a 1080p display. So being a standard and budget-friendly 1080 p monitor and its range of pixels is something that cannot be ended in the next 5 to 10 years. It will continue to support the displays with higher resolutions on such a minimal display because it can spread on the large area display and still gives the higher resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does 1080p make a difference?

The other name of 1080p is full HD. It is one of the affordable resolutions which give the finest quality, and it can spread all over the screen quickly. No matter how large the screen you are using. But it does have a minimal difference between 4K. 

Is a better revolution better for your eyes?

Higher resolution displays may reduce your digital eye statins. 

At what screen size does 1080p matter?

The finest size of a 1080p display is 24 to 27 inches which is a good thing. If you use a 32-inch display, then the 1080p resolution might look blurry on your display. 

Is 1080p the best quality?

For many uses, 1080p is the best one. It gives you higher resolutions in HD view. Those who consider the graphics and visuals of the images and videos can clearly state the difference between 1080p and any other resolutions. 

Why is 1080p still good enough?

1080p gives smoother and more precise results, and it primarily focuses on gaming, providing excellent graphics and control. Most people prefer to use 1080p as their priority. 


The best recommendation is 1080p, and it is the mainly used display. It is easily usable in all cases. It can save you money. Everyone should prefer to use the 1080p display for their PCs, and do consider the frame per second of your graphics. So, in high-resolution cases, a 1080p display is the best.

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