How to screenshot on Logitech Keyboard

How To Screenshot on Logitech Keyboard?

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Logitech is one of the most used and well-known brands in the list of hardware. Most users need help understanding how to take screenshots via the Logitech keyboard. You all know that Screenshot has now become a common means of communication, so it’s good if you get familiar with the steps; on how to print a screen on your computer. 

What is Screenshot via Keyboard?

The Screenshot has now become an essential part for the users. Anything you need to capture on windows is referred to as a Screenshot. And that Screenshot is charged with the help of a keyboard. On the keyboard, you have to click the PrtScn key, or for a shortcut, you have to click Alt+PrtScn. That’s how you can capture your windows or your work. 

Logitech Keyboard:

Logitech keyboards make better keyboards that you can use for any purpose. Their office keyboards are available in different and comfortable designs. You can use your mobile along with it. Any gamer can use this keyboard comfortably as they are user friendly also. You can plug and play or work more with an Ambidextrous mouse.

Microsoft Keyboards VS. Logitech Keyboards:

Microsoft Keyboard Logitech Keyboard
Microsoft keyboard consists of no backlight keys and no cables to connect (completely wireless). It also doesn’t have any indicators or primary keys for operation. Logitech Keyboards have backlight keys, and these keyboards get connected with the help of a USB-C-type cable. These keyboards contain different vital indicators. It is compact and wireless, and moreover, it covers less space.

How to screenshot on Logitech Keyboard?

Steps to Screenshot on Logitech Keyboard on Windows:

To take a screenshot on Windows via Logitech keyboard, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Windows Key and press the PrtScn key together. 
  2. If the PrtScn key on your keyboard shares another feature or button such as insert key, tap, or Delete, then you have to press:
  • Fn+Windows key+PrtScn

To snapshot your window that is active then, press on

  • Windows key+Alt+PrtScn

Screenshot on Logitech Keyboard on Macbook:

If you own a Macbook and are connected to a Logitech keyboard, follow these steps.

To capture your windows:

  • Hold the Shift button, the command, and the numeric 3 key.

If you want to snapshot a selective portion of your screen, then:

  • Hold the Shift button, Command key, and numeric 4 key.

If you want a screenshot of a particular icon or menu or any active app, then:

  • Press the Shift key, then the Command key, then the numeric 4 key, and press the Spacebar altogether.

Furthermore, if you want to see more options regarding your Screenshot, even if that’s your screen recorder, then you have to:

  • Press the Shift key, Command key, and numeric 5 key, all together

A Better Way to take a Screenshot with a Logitech Keyboard:

If your Logitech keyboard is wireless, then make sure to connect it to your computer or laptop via Bluetooth. After that, look for a PrtScn key; if not available, some Logitech keyboards have a camera icon instead of a PrtScn legend. And for the windows key, some Logitech keyboards consist of the Start key instead of the Windows key. So please understand them, and be careful with the keys. 

The best way to take a snapshot with a Logitech keyboard is simple;

  • Click on the Window key and PrtScn together on your keyboard, and this takes a shot of your screen.

Where are all my Screenshots saved?

To see where your screen captures are saved, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Look at your window screen 
  2. Move your cursor to File Explorer 
  3. Click on This PC
  4. Then click on Pictures
  5. After that, click on Screenshots

Now your screenshots are visible to you. 

Note: On Macbook, your screenshots are visible in front of you. They will be clearly shown on your desktop.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all Logitech keyboards have a print screen key?

Some of them have a camera icon instead of a print screen option. 

How do you screenshot on Logitech wireless keyboard K360?

You have to hold Alt and PrtScn keys together to snapshot your active window that can be saved on your clipboard automatically. After that, you can make changes from there. 

What is the manual way to take a screenshot?

While using the desktop on any app on your system, you press the PrtScn key to capture your windows screen. This key is located on the top right of your keyboard and can only snapshot your entire screen. 

Does Logitech K380 have a Print screen button?

To Get this keyboard, you have to hold the ‘fn’ and the ‘tab’ key together to snapshot your entire screen. 

What type of key is the Print Screen?

Most of the time, Print Screen is abbreviated by PrtScn. This key will help you capture the active windows or the snapshot of the program you are working on. 

What is the camera key on my Logitech keyboard?

The camera icon and the keyboard represent the option for a screenshot key. In modern times, the Print Screen key is replaced by the camera icon with the same function as the PrtScn key. 


Logitech keyboards are the most reliable ones, and they are the most used hardware in the field. This keyboard is most used for the features that make it work efficiently and accurately. This outline clearly describes taking screenshots on Logitech keyboards on Windows and Macbooks.

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