How to Lock Keyboard on Mac

How to Lock Keyboard on Mac?

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Macbooks are almost everyone’s favorite. Its appearance is so attractive that one can never restrain himself from drawing in. It includes your ids and pets also. But someone messing with your Macbook is not bearable, so that would be the last time one messed with that. If you want to keep your Macbook safe from the mess, lock your keyboard to be better safe from others’ use.

MacBook Keyboards:

MacBooks or Macs mostly use Magic keyboards. These keyboards include different products and come with a Bluetooth keyboard containing Touch ID. MacBooks and iPad keyboards are almost the same and 10.9 inches in size. MacBook keyboards fit with Magic keyboards, and the best thing is that both keyboards are the same, with no difference.

MacBook Keyboards VS. Other Keyboards:

Mac Keyboards Other keyboards
Macbooks have some special Command keys. This key has the same function as the Alt key, but in Macbooks Command key gives other options; that’s why it is labeled as Command Key or Options Key. PC and Linux keyboards have different keys than Macbooks. They have an Alt key, which is placed near the Space bar.

Steps to Lock a Macbook Keyboard:

Your Macbook keyboard can be locked in simple steps like other systems. The easy and quick actions are:

  1. Close the lid
  2. Hold on Control+Shift Power to lock it 
  3. Press Command key/ Option power to put your system on sleep 
  4. You can search and select the Sleep option from the menu

Third-party Apps For Locking:

Third-party apps include alternate and unique ways of locking your keyboards. Different apps can help you do so, but you must find the authentic one without locking your system or disabling the features. Third-party apps include:

  • Karabiner Element 
  • Lockey 
  • Keyboard Locker
  • Lock screen in Apple settings 
  • KeyboardCleanToolApp

How to Lock Macbook for Cleaning Purposes:

Your Macbook may get dirty, or the dust clung to inside it. It’s essential to get it clean once, but in the advanced MacBooks, it takes work to turn the machine off while cleaning. So, how the problem gets solved; you can clean it by locking your Macbook keyboard in 2 ways:

Lock Screen:

These steps can be followed to disable keys:

  • Move your cursor to the Apple icon and click on it. 
  • Click on Lock Screen 

After that, your desktop screen will look like your login window, where you must enter your Apple ID password or use your Touch ID for unlocking. You can use an Apple cleaning cloth or any other polishing cloth and easily clean your keyboard. Your media keys on the top of the keyboard won’t be disabled through this, so you can still change the brightness or use the volume button.

KeyboardCleanTool App:

If you are uncomfortable with this logging method, you can use the KeyboardCleanTool App. That is a good choice. All the keys on the keyboard will be locked through this App but not your trackpad. You have to click a button to disable the lock in any way. Following are the steps to use the App:

  • Click on Settings
  • Move your cursor on Security & Privacy 
  • Then click on Privacy 
  • To allow accessibility, you have to press on the padlock 
  • Then click check on the box next to KeyboardCleanTool

Locking your Macbook:

If you are not comfortable with the installation of any third-party app, then you can lock your entire Macbook by using the keys:

  • Press Control Key + Shift key + Power button to lock your computer 


  • Press the Option key+Command key +Power button to put it on sleep

How to Lock a Mac Keyboard via Shortcut Key:

It’s so simple; only with one click can you lock or disable your Macbook keyboard.

You have to follow this simple step:

  • Press Ctrl+F1 to lock your function keys

Best way to Lock the Macbook Keyboard:

MacBook keyboards do not include any default key for locking the keyboard. It only temporarily disables your keyboard, and you need a wired, wireless, or any other program to do this function. So, installing an application that temporarily undermines your keys is a better way than finding a default key on your keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you lock a Macbook keypad?

To lock your Macbook keypad, you must install the party app, Karabiner Element (the most used), Lockey, and many more. You can still use your computer after closing it by using shortcut keys.

How do I temporarily disable my Mac keyboard?

This is so simple that you must press Ctrl+F1 to lock your Macbook keyboard.

Can you use any keyboard with a Macbook?

Most of the keyboards are only partially compatible to use with Macbooks. Other keys don’t work correctly except for a few most commonly used keys. And such keyboards should be wireless; otherwise, they will require USB ports.

What is the difference between Butterfly and Magic Keyboard?

Magic keyboards have some depth, but butterfly keyboards don’t. This means you will see new features like feedback with each function in the Magic keyboard. Butterfly keyboards don’t have such loud comparisons to show.

Are Macbook Keyboards different?

The difference in Macbook keyboards is the Alt and Option keys on other keyboards. Macbooks have option keys side to the command keys. This key has the same function as the Alt key on the other keyboards.


So, Macbook keyboards are the most versatile and reliable ones to use with IOS devices. These keyboards can be used wirelessly and have the smooth experience of typing. The good thing is you are not restricted to Macbook keyboards only. You can connect any keyboard to your Macbook, and the best recommendation for you to lock your Macbook keyboard is to install an app for locking it in a better way.

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