How To Clean Wrist Rest

How To Clean Wrist Rest With 4 Easy Steps

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If you notice the dirt around your wrist rest, even though you just rubbed your fingers on your wrist rest, all the dirt and debris is sticking to your wrist. Well, that’s somewhat disgusting and also unhygienic to imagine.

There is a lot of probability that your wrist rest can get dirty over months, even if you still think you try your best to keep it clean all the time. For instance, look at the fact that you always keep your wrist on it when you use the mouse.

At the same time, while gaming or working, the body secretes many substances out of the skin, i.e., oils, sweat, etc., and they can make your wrist rest get dirty or spill drinks. Oily products are also the reason behind this, so you need to clean your wrist rest.

But the great thing is that several ways are straightforward to get applied on and get your wrist rest all clean without much effort and all hygienic. Get into the article to learn about cleaning your wrist rest.

Cleaning Of Wrist Rest:

The one using the wrist rest and the keyboard or mouse must ensure its cleanliness because they get easily dirty and catch the surrounding dust or even your spilled food or beverages on them.

There are many ways to clean up your wrist rest, but this depends upon the material of your wrist rest, whether it is gel, foam, silicon, plastic, or leather.

Cleaning Gel Or Leather Wrist Rest:

The step-wise method of cleaning the gel or leather wrist rest (or actually, you can use this method for cleaning the foam wrist rest) is noted as the following:

  1. Firstly, vacuum the cover of the wrist rest, removing the dust particles from the inside material.
  2. Add the lukewarm water and laundry detergent to take a spray bottle, and mix it up.
  3. Next, you have to spray that soapy mixture on all the areas of the wrist rest and then take a wet cloth to clean that up by rubbing it over the spray.
  4. Wash that wet cloth to clean it up, and wipe it gently over the area to get off the dirt.
  5. And then, take the dry towel and again wipe it over the wrist rest to make it slightly dry. The next thing you have to do is hang it somewhere where air can reach out quickly. 
  6. Ensure it is dry inside and out and ready to use your clean wrist rest.

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Cleaning Plastic or Silicon Wrist Rest:

You will surely notice that these wrist rests are easier to clean up and dry much faster than foam or gel wrist rest. The follow-up steps are written as follows:

  1. Take a bowl of warm water, add a few drops of dish soap, and then slightly mix them to get into each other.
  2. Take any of the cloth and soak it in that soapy water.
  3. Now using that cloth, rub it all over the wrist rest surface.
  4. Afterward, use the dry towel to dry it off and clean it with the final wipes.

Cleaning RGB Wrist Rest:

It is advised to review the prescribed cleaning procedure provided by the producer before washing any RGB wrist rest. You must disconnect the item and consider removing any battery before cleaning it because most RGB wrist rest contain electrical components.

If you only need to do fast maintenance, you can thoroughly clean any RGB wrist rest with a dry cloth or towel. And If a surface that resembles a non-RGB wrist rest exists and is easily removable, you can cleanse it on its own following the previous cleaning recommendations.

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  • Avoid using a washing machine 
  • Do not use a dryer
  • Use the lukewarm water
  • Try not to use too much rough sponge
  • Dry the visible droplets of water
  • Firstly wash the inner area of the sink
  • While drying the wrist rest, try to do so in natural air

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the purpose of a wrist rest?

The wrist rest’s functions include providing comfort that a tabletop or desktop cannot, keeping the wrist flat when using the pc (and not bent up or down), and aiding in reducing wrist stress. Ensure you know how to use a wrist rest if you plan to use one.

What height must the wrist rest be?

To key effectively, your shoulders should be neutral, your elbows must be at your sides and slightly bent at a 90° angle, and your wrists should be straight. Your keypad also should be just a little bit shorter than the hands.

Do wrist supports protect against carpal tunnel?

Wrist rests have certain advantages but won’t completely stop carpal tunnel. It’s important to take naps for your hands and wrists, stretch as much as possible, and perform the necessary exercises. See a physician if your hands begin twitching and show carpal tunnel symptoms.

Do gel wrist rests work well?

There is proof that gel wrist supports can reduce neck and shoulder stress and offer a relaxing solution to a sharp desktop surface. However, the cushions can put too much pressure on the wrist tendons if there is too much or too constant touch between the wrists and the rests.


Here in this article, you will find the guideline for cleaning your wrist rest when you feel like it is not clean anymore. You can easily use these methods according to your type of wrist rest. Just remember that you should remember the precautions before cleaning the wrist rest because some things might end up destroying your wrist rest.

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