Hard Vs Soft Mouse Pad

Hard Vs Soft Mouse pad: Which Is Better for Gaming?

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Nowadays, every desktop user, especially pro gamers and regular workers, has a mouse pad for their mouse on desktops.

Soft and hard mouse pads are the two kinds of mouse pads. Each has its characteristics, and you can choose one according to your preferences and what you feel comfortable with.

Today, you will find the differences between hard and soft mouse pads, their advantages and disadvantages, and a guide to which you should prefer more on the other one.

Soft mouse pad:

Soft mouse pads are made of soft material, which can be cotton cloth or any fabric material, along with a thin base of rubber that prevents them from oversliding. It also has a lot of friction caused by the constant rubbing of the mouse. It allows the wrist cushioning feature for the user. It sometimes becomes heated from body temperature after constantly using the mouse.


Even though the material seems to have some friction, almost everyone will discover that using a soft mouse pad results in greater precision. A soft mouse pad will be a better option if you’re working on anything complicated or precision-requiring. It probably applies to games as well.


A soft mouse pad will serve better if you do not require too much speed. Transferring from a hard place to a soft one should be done cautiously since the movement will appear drastically different. These mouse pads are good enough if you are a gamer you can adjust your mouse sensitivity according to the game that you are playing.

Long Lasting:

As for soft pads, you might have to be concerned about them ripping or tearing because they are made up of soft material that can be damaged if in contact with some sharp material. These mouse pads have a plus over the hard ones in that you can carry them around by just folding them and put in your bag with you.


  • Soft mouse pads are more durable 
  • They offer softness and comfort for the mouse and also for the user
  • You can buy them at an affordable price
  • They have high friction 
  • The performance of soft mouse pads is much preferable for gamers.
  • These mouse pads can be customized very easily and you can print your favorite design or image on your custom mouse pad.


  • It can be worn and torn faster
  • It can get heated by the external temperature
  • Due to the soft manufacturer material, it can be hard to clean

Hard mouse pad:

As they are named “hard,” hard mouse pads are made up of hard material, which can be rubber, leather, aluminum, or metal, with the plain and glossy surface being the perfect choice for laser mice. Hard mouse pads don’t get heated by the body temperature if you use them for some time, unlike soft mouse pads. Hard mouse pads don’t have much friction, allowing the mouse to move at a much-increased speed.


Hard pads can be used precisely, but they will require some skill. If you haven’t previously used it, you’ll realize that with only a gentle touch, your mouse nearly glides throughout the whole pad. Because of this, how you use your mouse will require you to be even more precise.


Hard mouse pads are helpful for fast mobility since they have minimal friction. Large movements may be made fast, which is beneficial for games or any individual who must move swiftly across the display.

Long Lasting:

Since they are constructed of more complex materials: Metal, plastic, and glass, hard mouse pads will last longer. With moderate maintenance, they can survive for years. The main drawback is that, notably, if your mouse lacks good friction pads, hard pads might harm the feet of your mouse.


  • A hard mouse pad provides a flat and glossy surface
  • They are easy to clean up 
  • They will bear the minimum weight
  • They won’t get heated up quickly with external heat 
  • Laser mice can perform best on Hard mouse pads


  • A hard mouse pad might create the creaking noises 
  • There are more chances of it getting damaged easily
  • It might scratch mouse feet, most probably
  • It is usually more expensive than other pads
  • It lacks the characteristics of convenient portability 

Difference Table:

Characteristics: Soft mouse pad: Hard mouse pad:
Stuff: Soft fabric  Rubber, leather, or any metal 
Movability: Portable Not Portable
Ability To Last: Can be damaged Harder to damage
Cleaning: Time taking while cleaning up  Clean-up so easily 
Mouse Handling: Mouse Handling is easy  Mouse Handling is difficult
Friction: More Friction Less Friction

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Hard mouse pads damage Mouse Feet?

Hard mouse pads might worsen more rapidly than cotton mouse pads, and mouse feet do get worn out, often instantly. Furthermore, they are simple to maintain and cause significantly less friction than cotton mouse pads.

What is the Lifespan of a Hard mouse pad?

Usually, mouse pads survive five years or longer if correctly maintained. This requires keeping dirt particles off their surfaces and periodically cleaning them when they become dirty. Moreover, avoid splashing drinks or food on it. The mouse pad will sooner or later have curled corners, at which point it is necessary to replace it.

Do Hard Gaming mouse pads Work Well?

It might be preferable if you’re prepared to spend extra time adjusting to the considerable speed and superb accuracy that a hard mouse pad offers. They are best kept in a fixed working or gaming area because they are not realistically accessible.  

What Substance Does a Hard mouse pad Contain?

Hard pads feature a rubber base, like most other mouse pads on sale, which keeps the place from sliding when you’re using it under high-stress conditions. The primary layer of the hard mouse pad is made of a piece of plastic, which enables rapid, fluid motions during gameplay.


To conclude the article in a few lines, it should be started with the differences between them, such as friction, precision, movability, longevity, etc., as mentioned before. You can check out the differences and then choose one of the mouse pads. If you are a gamer, you can go for a soft mouse pad without any doubt but make sure that the build quality of the mat is premium.

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