How to Download PC Games Overnight While You Sleep

How to Download PC Games Overnight While You Sleep?

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Nothing excites you when you wake up and get a new game on your laptop ready to launch. It can be complex to download the games overnight, so you can easily play them during the day. Let’s see how?

The best way to download the games at night is to disable sleep mode on your computer. Not only this, but you can also schedule the game you want to play gives you an advantage of Steam to download the games overnight.

If it still doesn’t work, you have to move to your friend’s place because if the connection changes, your game can download faster, or the simplest way is to have a copy of the game physically.

Download Games Overnight By Services:

Downloading a game overnight is hectic because it depends on your platform and varies with your connection. Steam, Origin, and Epic provide settings that can help you download overnight. 

Let’s see how you can download games overnight while you are asleep.


It is the most used gaming platform on PCs. The best thing about Steam is that it doesn’t give you delays, so that you can download games overnight easily. It does not show you any other settings, so you can download the game automatically without changing anything. 

There is no specific step to follow up. All the games you want to download in order, and Steam will automatically download your fun in the required order. But the flaw is that Steam will stop downloading once your PC sleeps. You must turn off the sleep mode so your games continue downloading without disturbance. 

There is another way you need to know, and it is helpful for you to schedule your game downloading. There is a setting named download restriction, which can be helpful for those who can schedule their games with the proper downloading. Following are the steps on how you can download using Stream’s download restrictions:

  1. Choose Steam on your PC 
  2. Click on the Steam menu 
  3. Then choose settings 
  4. After that, select your download window under “Download Restrictions.”


Origin is different, and it doesn’t have any option to forbid your PC from going to sleep mode. Like Steam, once your PC goes to sleep mode, it will stop downloading your games.

But the good thing is that you can resume the downloading from where it contains. So, there are different ways, like downloading the game from the start. When you wake up your PC, the origin will automatically start downloading or resume the process from where you go to sleep. 


uPlay is the least bothered option for downloading games or controlling the game. The only step or procedure through which you can download the game via uPlay is to turn off the sleep mode first. 


Epic is also used for downloading but creates hurdles for you while downloading. It has the least options while downloading. And Epic has no built-in feature that allows you to schedule your game downloading or download games overnight automatically.

Solutions to Download Overnight Issues:

Let’s discuss some simple solutions to download games overnight in a few easy steps. These steps will help download the game, whether awake or asleep. It will continue to download your game. 

Stop PC from Falling asleep:

These steps will tell you how to put your PC on sleep mode:

  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Navigate to system
  3. Select Power & Sleep 
  4. Then in the Sleep menu, you have to choose whether or when you want to put your PC into sleep mode. 

Stop Internet Connections:

For PC users, the settings you choose can slow down your system, and it cannot download the game completely. The most important thing you have to know is that you should have a proper and robust internet connection.

If you are a PC user, you must have a wired Ethernet cable, your modem, and a wifi router. This will ensure that you have a proper internet connection and that there will be no disruption in downloading the game. 

Use Physical Media:

The use of physical media is another good option, but it can get tough, also. You have to buy physical media that come with your computer. A Lot of games are now released along with their physical copies on a CD/DVD or USB. It is installed on your PC; if it is not installed, then you have to install the program or software for this on your PC. 

Have a Friend Help Out:

How can your friend help out in all this? This happens when you have a limited and poor connection at your place. If getting a physical copy also doesn’t work, you must head to your friend’s or any other relative’s house for a better internet connection to easily download your game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can your PC download games while in sleep mode?

The answer is slurping, and it is a No. Because when you put your PC on sleep mode indirectly, you are getting the processors and the system at risk. 

If I download a game on my laptop and put it on sleep mode, will it continue downloading?

No, it will not let the game download. For this, you have to save your battery till the end, so your downloading continues till last.

How can Steam help with Downloading games?

With the help of Steam, you can download games without delay, but make sure to disable your computer’s sleep settings for continuous downloading.


Some people say that leaving like this is not a good thing. Why do our parents scold us for leaving the PC turned on? Because it is a high risk of setting your PC on sleep mode and not letting down the lid. Make sure to download your games during the day so that they can download faster.

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