Do Monitors have Speakers

Do Monitors have Speakers?

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Monitors are an essential part of your PC setup. A good monitor plays an important role in your gaming setup. The point to be noted is that few monitors have built-in speakers, and some do not. So, the monitors with speakers need to provide better sound quality.

It’s just the case of modern times, where people need speakers and built-in monitors. This article will let you know about such points in detail. 

Is there any need to have Speakers?

If you are a gamer, then according to a gamer’s point of view, good visuals and a high refresh rate are essential, along with the built-in speakers in monitors. The voice should be there for a casual PC user, so if you want to add sound to your PC, you can use the following ways to extract the audio. 

Checking Sounds via Monitor:

For this, you have to add sounds to your monitor in a unique way. First, you must assess the different ports through which you can play the audio. Now, we will discuss some critical and essential points that you should know about how to add sounds or play in different ways:

Use of HDMI Audio:

If you want to know about a quick way, then:

  1. You have to set up an HDMI audio extractor
  2. This will send signals to other sources externally. 
  3. That’s how the audio divides into video signals from a primary HDMI input source. 
  4. This way, you can enjoy the visuals and listen to the sound from one start. 

Before trying out this technique, you should have an HDMI splitter connector. When you are done with all plugins, you must restart your system. After this process, you can easily listen to sounds or audio via external speakers. 

Audio Connection:

Some keyboards have audio connection ports at the bottom of the device. Different laptops like HP, Dell, or Lenovo have this option. If a monitor or any other device has such ports, there is no need to connect external devices. 

This way is also known as a headphone jack, and they provide you with better quality sound than other methods. Go for something other than the audio connection. The best recommendation is that you should connect through a cable. 

Display port:

As it is visible with its name, this technique or hack is visible. Through this technique, you can see that clear and high-quality visual make the screen distortion accessible. It not only displays the specific visuals but also provides the sounds. 

Connecting Speakers Wirelessly:

You should have a Bluetooth setup to get these speakers connected to your desktop or monitor. USB Bluetooth is also available in the market if you don’t have Bluetooth access. It covers more space, but you can keep it anywhere you want within the range. It will give you a beautiful experience of a home theatre—the best way to use it for gamers.

Best Monitors with Speakers:

If you are looking for such monitors with builtin speakers that work efficiently, then these are the best recommendations for such monitors:

  • ASUS ROG Strix XG43UQ
  • AOC Gaming 27G2U5
  • BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S

Benefits of having a Speaker in Monitor:

Having monitors with built-in speakers is a huge advantage for you. Following are the benefits that are helpful for you to know about:

  • Monitors with built-in speakers set up quickly and perfectly. At the same time, it delivers good-quality sound as well. 
  • You can save money by spending little on external speakers.
  • The existing or new monitor can be adjusted to the same place, keeping your space. 
  • Such built-in speakers allow you to link your laptop or computer with any sound. 
  • These speakers can be used as hearing aid. They can navigate the system and use the desktop without external speakers. 

Disadvantages of having a Speaker in Monitor:

When there are advantages, then disadvantages also exist. Some of the disadvantages are the following:

  • Some of the speaker’s sounds are not so good; they are flat and terrible.
  • Some built-in speakers come with bass, so this type of monitor is not so entertaining.
  • The sound which you called extra effects or stereo sound is not available in the built-in speakers of the monitors.
  • Other monitors are more efficient than monitors with built-in speakers. 
  • Monitors that don’t have speakers cover more space, and they add bulk to the setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get sound on my monitor?

First, you have to take a USB audio card to play sound. Then use Bluetooth or Bluetooth adapter. After that, use HDMI or another technique like a Display port. You can use the built-in speakers of the monitor. 

Do monitors have speakers?

Yes, monitors have speakers. But the problem with such monitors is that their sound could be better. The majority of the monitors come with built-in speakers. 

Is a monitor the same as a speaker?

Home stereo speakers are created to boost or improve sound levels by raising the bass or bringing out richer tones in the mids and highs. 

Do all monitors have speaker output?

Most monitors have an average-quality of speakers and are not there at all. People who use monitors casually don’t need audio devices much. 

Do DELL Monitors have speakers?

A few Dell monitors have built-in speakers, but most don’t come with built-in speakers because they consider that the users are searching for excellent quality speakers like for the monitors. 


Now you are familiar with the monitors’ built-in speakers, but their sound quality rarely works according to you. It all depends on your monitor and brand model. Before buying a new computer, check its description and specifications for what you expect from it, then purchase it.

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