Do Laptops have Dedicated Graphics Cards

Do Laptops have Dedicated Graphics Cards?

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Most laptops, especially lower-end ones, don’t have a dedicated graphics card. Instead, they utilize what is known as integrated graphics, which share the memory with the CPU and are less potent than a dedicated graphics card. Some high-intensive gaming and higher-end laptops do have dedicated graphics cards.

To find out if your laptop model has a dedicated graphics card, you have to look at your model’s specifications to find the graphics card. Then you can search if it’s an integrated graphics card or a dedicated graphics card.

What is an Integrated Graphics Card?

Integrated graphics are built-in graphics cards in CPUs. Graphics cards are necessary to process the graphics and frames you see on computers. In those cases where dedicated graphics cards are not available in the computers but still usable, which is low in cost.

In case you are confused about which graphics card will be usable at the time, there is no need to worry. Your PC will automatically choose which graphics card to use during the application.

Is there any need for a Dedicated Graphics Card?

Integrated Graphics cards are only workable some of the time. It is acceptable for:

  • Word Processing 
  • Office Work 
  • Web browsing 
  • Netflix 
  • Other non-hardware tasks

The following tasks will be better while using a dedicated graphics card:

  • Gaming 
  • 3D Modelling 
  • Video editing 
  • Other rendering tasks 

Do Laptops have a dedicated Graphics Card?

Laptops can have dedicated graphics cards. Especially higher-end gaming laptops, you can search for one with a dedicated graphics card for $1000-$1500 or more. Remember that laptops don’t utilize dedicated graphics cards made for desktops due to their size.

And if you want to install dedicated graphics cards in your laptops, they come in sizes similar to your CPU. It can easily fit into your computer. As a result, desktop dedicated graphics cards are different in size. This means that you can use desktop dedicated graphics cards on a laptop. But laptop-dedicated graphics cards cannot be used on a desktop. 

Steps to Check if a Laptop has a Dedicated Graphics Card?

To check if a laptop has a dedicated graphics card, you can go to the:

  1. Go to the technical specifications 
  2. Then viewing the graphics card’s description

Or you can search for the required graphics card model, and then you can see whether it is an integrated graphics card or other than that card, i.e., a dedicated one.

Solutions to Upgrade Integrated Graphics in a Laptop?

There are two solutions through which you can upgrade the integrated graphics cards in your laptop:

  1. Using an external graphics card enclosure 
  2. Using an external graphics card dock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you get a dedicated graphics card on a laptop?

Almost all laptops and some computers have more than one GPU, which contains an integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU.

Is a laptop graphics card the same as a PC?

Through research, laptop graphics cards differ from desktop graphics cards in size. That’s why their power or working depends on the size and the device where you want to fit it in.

Is a graphics card necessary for a laptop?

Graphic cards are a necessary element for gaming, especially for new games. It requires a graphic card which requires efficient working.

Can a laptop replace a graphics card?

No. Laptops cannot replace their graphics card even if they have a GPU. It depends on how you are going to upgrade your system.

How can I improve the graphics on my laptop?

The best solution for this is to overlocking. It might be risky for beginners, but it can generate better performance for the card.


To conclude, most laptops don’t have dedicated graphics cards. For this, you have to pay more to buy other graphics cards, dedicated graphics cards you know for such purposeful tasks as editing, word processing, browsing, and many more. You don’t need to have a dedicated graphics card.

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