Disadvantages of Not Activating Windows 10

10 Disadvantages of Not Activating Windows 10

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Windows is authorized software and often requests you to activate your windows if it has yet to be activated. Therefore, you may wonder if there are any significant flaws to not starting your windows operating system.

What reasons behind not Activating Windows 10?

Windows is known as the most popular operating system all over the world, and then it is often the victim of piracy. As a result, Microsoft came up with a solution. And the answer is in the form of an activation key. Once you install Windows on your computer, you must provide an activation key.

What is the activation key? An activation key is the product key, which contains 25 number series that can help you activate windows. And when you enter the key, your Windows version will be unlocked on your device.

But later, Microsoft realized that many people were using their software without activating the windows. So, they are better off letting people use their software like this. And through this, they are still making money. In this way, Microsoft is more generous about its software usage.

Remember that an unactivated windows operating system always has a permanent watermark on the bottom right of your display asking you to activate windows. And it will remind you to start your windows through a pop-up menu which is more annoying. On installing Windows, your computer will ask you to activate it within 30 days daily.

Reasons if you don’t Activate Windows 10 After 30 Days?

After installing the windows, they will give you a 30-day free trial of the windows you are using. During this free trial of 30 days, windows will allow you to use all the features without any limitations. The entire windows will be available for you. And when this 30 days trial passes, all the availability or customizations will go away. Now is when you will be introduced to a generous version of windows. A watermark will also appear on the bottom right of your screen, telling you to activate your windows.

There are no such significant drawbacks to not activating windows, but if you do not, you will feel uncomfortable using it because of your lack of control over how your computer looks. But you can use your windows even after the 30 days trial.

Is Windows 10 Activation Permanent?

If your Windows is not installed by default and you have installed it through a copy version to purchase it from the store, you can install and download it as often. The Activation is compulsory, and on the other hand, the copy version is yours.

Before installing Windows 10, consider that your current software is updated. To update the existing software of your system, click on settings, then go to Update and Security and then click on Activation.

In case you don’t know what version of the software is running on your computer, then follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Start button and then enter Command Prompt
  • Type: slmgr/xpr and press Enter. This will let you know what software you are currently using.
  • After that, type slmgr/dli and press Enter key. This will let you know if your window is activated or not. 
  • In the end, right-click start and then press run. You have to type: winver ok, which will let you know what you are running and whether it is permanently activated.

Disadvantages of not Activating Windows 10:

The difference between activating or not activating Windows 10 is insignificant and manageable. But still, there are some disadvantages of not activating windows 10, which are:

‘Activate Windows’ Watermark:

A permanent watermark will be written as ‘Activate windows, ‘ shown on the bottom right of your system or screen. It happens when you don’t activate your windows. This watermark gives such an unattractive look and will give a wrong impression to all who will ask you or let others know that you have activated your windows just now.

It is not such a big problem. It is a sign of embarrassment when you allow your screen to be shared in a meeting or during a presentation; people will judge through this watermark.

Inability to Customize your Computer:

If you don’t activate your windows, it will restrict all options for customizing your computer, and you will be stuck using an extended version of Windows until you start the software. Here are the things you cannot customize or change without starting windows:


Changing your background wallpaper is possible if you activate your windows.

Accent Colours:

Windows 10 offers a wide range of colors you cannot change.

Lock Screen:

If you are using an unauthorized version, you cannot change how your screen looks.


Different themes can make your PC’s screen attractive, but you must activate them before using them.


Multiple fonts are also available but only with activated windows.


It is something you use a lot in Windows. With customization, it may feel comfortable to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you don’t activate Windows 10?

If you wish not to activate Windows, you can still use it for as long as possible. It will be your choice to activate or not activate the windows.

Why can’t I activate windows?

There can be many possible reasons for this, but the major thing is that you must have a product key consisting of a number series that can be inserted to activate windows.

Is the ‘Activate Windows’ watermark permanent?

Yes, after a 30 days trial, this watermark will be visible permanently until you don’t activate the windows correctly.


There is no such strict limitation about not activating Windows 10. So, it would help if you continue using your windows with unremovable watermarks and a lack of customizations. If you choose to purchase the activation key, then the copy of the windows will be yours. The plus point is that you can use Windows 10 as long as you want without activating it.

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