How to Change Light Mode of a Fantech Keyboard

How to Change Light Mode of a Fantech Keyboard?

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Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard? Or do you love customization along light modes? The Fantech keyboards are best made for you. What are you looking for if you still need to get on it?

Visit the hardware store and buy yours now. This article will help you know how to change the lighting on a Fantech keyboard, along with other features, all in detail. 

Fantech Keyboard:

Fantech is a well-known firm of farmers and other lifestyle products. Fantech keyboards are one-handed and lightweight. It has an RGB gaming keypad with 120 keys in total. Fantech keyboards have 12 different light colors, through which you can set their brightness according to your requirements.

Fantech Keyboard VS. Other Keyboards:

Fantech Keyboards Other Keyboards
Fantech keyboard has 120 keys only, and it has the option of changing the light modes, and the fn key is the most essential key on this keyboard. It does not have separate number keys. It is lightweight and faster.  Other keyboards have 204 keys, that are why they are heavy to hold. These keyboards have fewer functions than fantech.

Advantages of Fantech keyboard:

Fantech is one of the best keyboards for both office work and gamers. The best features of Fantech are:

  • Best for gaming purposes 
  • Fast working 
  • Light in weight 
  • Attractive features like;
  • White light 
  • Brightness adjustment 
  • RGB lights 
  • Affordable for all users 
  • 3 to 4 years guarantee 
  • It’s durable and efficient in working 

What is the function of the fn key?

There are several keys on your keyboard, but the most critical is the fn key. So you can function with the fn key along with other specific keys. You can set the volume up and down or mute it with the help of the fn key. And you can also set the brightness with the use of the fn key and many more functions. 

Changing the light mode on a Fantech Keyboard:

You can change different color themes and light modes on the Fantech keyboard. To change the color themes, press f1, f2, f3, and so on, along with the Fn key. These keys all have different colors. Following are the light modes you can choose for your computer:

  • E.g., Hold the f1 and f2 keys along with the fn key for a shade of blue 
  • Fn + scroll lock key = increased light
  • Fn + F1= normal light 
  • Fn + F2 = slow blinking light 
  • Fn + F3 = fast blinking light 
  • Fn + F4= solid green light 
  • Fn + F5= solid red light 

Similarly, press different keys with F until your desired color is visible. You can change the color theme after that. 

How to change the speed & brightness of a Fantech keyboard:

These two functions can be performed with the help of pressing the fn key and the arrow keys. 

To change the speed:

  • You must press the left and right arrow keys and the fn key for low speed.

Gamers best use it. These functions make gaming smooth. 

To change the brightness:

  • To adjust the brightness to increase or decrease, press the up and down arrow keys along with the fn key. 
  • Fn + up arrow key= increase the brightness 
  • Fn + down arrow key= decreases the brightness

This key is used to make your work more accurate and exciting. 

Disadvantages of Fantech Keyboard:

If an object has advantages, then it does have some disadvantages also. But it doesn’t restrain you from using it or getting help. These flaws are:

  • Fantech keyboards are more expensive than other keyboards. 
  • You must maintain your keyboard a lot because it is sensitive to use. 
  • This keyboard does not contain a number pad, so if you buy this one, you must not feel awkward using it without a number pad. 
  • It might not be very acceptable for someone to use such specific keys often. 
  • This keyboard needs specific software to get customized. If you use this keyboard for its customization, you should have that particular software. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is fantech a good brand for a keyboard?

Of course, Fantech was recognized and awarded the TechPowerUp award for the mechanical keyboard. 

Is Fantech a mechanical keyboard?

Fantech MAXFIT61 is a mechanical keyboard. It is 60% wired. The 61 keys are hot-swappable type- C gaming keyboards. 

Is the Fantech keyboard good for gaming?

It is the best for gaming. Fantech keyboards have no problem with heavy gaming. 

Who created fantech?

Mr. Fandy Pinardy created Fantech. It is not just a company, they are the best innovator for all purposes. It is not best recommended only for gamers but also best for office work. 

Can Fantech drag-click?

Yes, Fantech-specific keyboards have a unique and smooth mouse drag click. But the user’s skills are the most important ones to consider while using the mouse drag click. 

How can I change the backlight color of my keyboard?

The Fn key plays a vital role in these functions. Press the Fn key, then the C key, to get backlight colors available. After that, white, red, green, and blue will be set up by default, through which you can set up two custom colors of your choice. 


Fantech keyboards are the rebuilt keyboards for casual gamers especially. This keyboard is different from using other keyboards. But a person can still use it for its specific features and customize features along with exciting light modes. You are now familiar with how to change light ways on the Fantech keyboards, along with other elements, in detail.

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