How To Change Color On Redragon Keyboard

How To Change Color Of Redragon Keyboard?

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Microsoft created a line of keyboards under the name Redragon. Over the generations, the corporation has developed several versions, each with distinctive qualities. The Redragon K70 is among these versions, and it debuted in 2016. The buttons on this keyboard may change color due to an integrated lighting function.

Currently, Redragon keyboards are quite popular, specifically with players who want to make their gaming system seem more aesthetically pleasing. A Redragon keyboard can build a beautiful atmosphere, specifically in gloomy places, even though not everybody likes colored lights flowing out of their keyboards.

If you’ve just got your keyboard, it could be challenging to figure out how to adjust the colors to your desire because the process varies between various keyboards. Redragon’s most recent gaming keyboard contains keyboard backlighting that can be modified. It is hip and well-liked among gamers. Additionally, you may choose the new keyboard’s colors to fit the game’s theme.

Changing the Color Without Software:

  •  The most straightforward step is to change the color of your Redragon keyboard using no software.
  • You may go through all the colors the keyboard offers by hitting the FN button and the Right Arrow (->) button, stopping at the color you want to maintain.
  • The number of colors you could acquire with this approach is restricted, despite its convenience. It is impractical to cross all the hundreds of conceivable color combinations, each individually.

Changing the Color With Software:

  •  First, you must download the software and install it on your system.
  • After installing the software, launch the software through the setup file.
  • In the dropdown menu, there will be a “Coastal Option” you have to select that option, and then to open the color picker, click the Basic color button.
  • Choose your preferred color from the color picker or another to get a more comprehensive menu.
  • To save the adjustments, click the OK button.
  • You may also choose to store the color you’ve selected in a profile, which enables you to quickly move between multiple color choices without having to memorize all the color codes.

Color Changing of Individual Keys without Software:

  •  Two times after another, press the FN and Tilde buttons. When correct, the Tilde button will display the present color while Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Win Lock all begin to glow simultaneously.
  • To switch colors, press the FN button and the Right Arrow (->) button together. Continue to the following step once you’ve found the color you desire.
  • Press each button that you wish to impact this color option.
  • To finish and also save, press FN and the Tilde button.

Color Changing of Individual Keys with Software:

  •  The first step is to download the keyboard’s software.
  • Then run the setup file to install the program and launch the software application.
  • Select the Coastal option found in the dropdown menu after checking the Lightbox.
  • To open the color selector, click the Color button.
  • Choose your preferred color from the color selector, or select another to obtain a more extensive menu.
  • Press the pen symbol.
  • To switch the keys’ color to the one you’ve chosen in the color selector, select them. The key will have a boundary in your desired color if you’ve succeeded.
  • Until all the keys are set to your chosen colors, redo steps 5 through 8 again.

Reason for Changing Color Problems:

Sometimes the user might face problems regarding changing the colors of the keyboard. The difficulty in changing the colors is due to a few factors. Let’s look at them now.

Here are the reasons:

  • Redragon keyboards that accept color changes by default settings are the only ones that can do it. All others cannot.
  • Among the most common blunders, people make while making color choices for their keyboard is by applying the incorrect Redragon software.
  • If you need help adjusting the color of your Redragon keyboard, you could misuse the trigger key.
  • You’ve previously changed the Redragon keyboard’s color, but you’ve recently needed help. If so, it might suggest that now the backlighting is affected.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Change the Redragon Keyboard’s Color Intensity?

The upper right edge of the keyboard is where you’ll find the intensity setting. To use the intensity feature, use the F1 button. Once the chosen intensity setting displays hit the up arrow button.

Why would the Redragon keyboard not lighten up?

This can be the result of the Redragon keyboard have been off. Tap the “Menu” key first, then the power button, to set that one on. Hit “F1” when you require assistance or are confused. When the Redragon keyboard is powered on, pushing the buttons causes it to begin to light up.

Do all switches are capable of being hot-swapped to other brands?

Until recently, Redragon keyboard switches could only be used well with the Otemu 3-pin form of connector. With practically both 3 and 5-pin switches now being compatible with the latest Redragon hot-swappable keyboards, you have further options.  

How does the keyboard be maintained and cleaned?

It is simple to clean the keyboard with wipes or a wet towel by cleaning the motherboard and the keys. Thus we don’t recommend washing it with anything moist or using water. After cleaning the mouse, ensure it is thoroughly dried before using it.


Gamers appreciate experiencing the fictional environment while playing a thrilling game with other mates. The Colour choice of your Redragon keyboard is a fantastic method of improving the atmosphere.

You may quickly modify it by selecting a different color for each key by utilizing the keyboard shortcuts in connection with other keys. You may alter the keyboard’s flush with the Redragon Keyboard program. Select the best way for the keyboard to experience an engaging gaming performance.

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