What Batteries Should I Get For My Wireless Mouse

What Batteries Should I Get For My Wireless Mouse?

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New technologies are advancing daily, and most people use wireless gadgets. With them, the use of batteries is increasing, which is also the case with wireless mice.

The most important thing for the wireless mouse is the type of battery you choose because its longevity and functionality depend on the battery. Not all batteries are perfect for a wireless mouse. It would be best if you decided on some specific types of batteries according to your wireless brand. 

You should buy “upgrade” or “power” kind batteries, such as the Energizer lithium, Panasonic, or Duracell quantum brands, if you are going to buy a non-rechargeable battery for your wireless devices. 

Highly efficient batteries are more expensive than normal cells, though, and their price will rise over time. So, unless you’re in a tough spot, you shouldn’t get these batteries.

Here you will find a guide about a few types of batteries that you can try and get the best results for working your wireless mice. So let’s get into the article about the batteries you should get for your wireless mouse. 

Best Batteries For Wireless Mouse:

Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium Batteries:

The more enduring battery is an Energizer Ultimate Lithium model. Additionally, the Ultimate Lithium series received the best rating from Consumer Reports because they are the most lightweight battery on the market and the best option for a gaming mouse. 

You will be capable of responding in games more quickly the lighter the mouse. They don’t break and perform flawlessly in a wide range of conditions. A regular gaming mouse may run on the Ultimate Lithium for six to nine months. 

Energizer Recharge NiMH Batteries:

NiMH batteries are made from recyclable substances and are recognized by customer reviews as the finest rechargeable AA battery. Such storms can be recharged 500 times until they start experiencing problems with power usage. The battery’s energy will last up to 12 months when stored. 

Energizer Recharge has a substantially longer life than a conventional lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The drawback is that you also need to buy a charging station. An everyday gaming mouse may run for 4-6 weeks on an Energizer recharge. 

Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries:

There are AA and AAA versions of these Duracell batteries. The Procell series is more affordable and lasts long in reduced-voltage devices. The Procell product line offers 7-year quality assurance. Compared to other brands, they are significantly less expensive. A gaming mouse used regularly may be powered for 250 hours, or 6–8 weeks, by a Duracell Procell.

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Apple’s Battery:

Even if you don’t possess a gadget made by Apple, you can still get their battery charger. The price tag is $29, which includes six batteries and a charger. If your gadgets run on AA batteries, this is an attractive option for an ordinary person since most keypads and mice only consume two cells, leaving two extras for emergencies. Apple employs a limited NiMH battery.   

Rayovac High Energy AA Batteries:

Longevity is the Rayovac brand’s primary competitive advantage. They’ve been found to have the lowest failure rate and the best reliable battery capacity of any battery model. It costs 27 cents for each battery. 

Rayovac High Energy’s shelf life is ten years, and the 500 packs can last for ages. Rayovac High Energy Alkalines were created especially for gadgets and tiny appliances. A gaming mouse used often may run on Rayovac High Energy for 5–6 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can regular batteries be used with a wireless mouse?

Battery sizes AA or AAA are required for a wireless mouse to operate. The battery needs to be put in the mouse’s charging port. Sometimes you can also locate the mouse’s wireless adapter there.

How far will a AAA battery power a mouse?

Battery life in mice ranges between four and six months. A single set of AAA batteries can power certain keyboards for over 12 months.

Why does the battery in the mouse go down so quickly?

Wireless mice use an extra battery whenever you do not adhere to specific recommended practices. It also depends on how much you use your device each day; if you use it for long periods while gaming or working, the battery will undoubtedly deplete faster. It would be best if you used a mousepad that is light-colored. Materials that are opaque or dark may easily consume the battery.

What distinguishes AA batteries from AAA batteries?

Due to their durability, AA batteries are employed in more energy-intensive equipment like toys and big radios. Comparatively, AAA batteries are utilized in energy-saving or low-profile gadgets like clocks and remotes. 


You can choose any of the batteries that suit you the best according to your wireless mouse type or brand, and you can also check out your budget to see which fixes go along with the battery you are going to buy.

The batteries will work for different periods according to their brand. Well, as mentioned earlier, most of these batteries have significant life spans if you use them, and you will get the best output from them without any hurdles or effort.

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