What is Backseat Gaming

What is Backseat Gaming? Things You Should Know!

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There is a trend spreading all over the world which is named Backseat Gamers. This is for those who are fond of streaming services like Twitch. Casual users avoid this behaviour, but some find it annoying. If you have a complete overview of this outline, you will know that Backseat gaming is spreading a great buzz among streamers.

This outline will help you know about Backseat gaming and how to avoid it.

Backseat Gaming?

As the name refers to, backseat gaming is the action of someone watching another person play a video game and offering continuous commentary or suggestions. It is more representative when the advice is given in person, but streaming is so popular that it happens in companies that also watch together.

Being a backseat gamer is the best recommendation for those who want to improve their gameplay or hear another person’s thoughts, but in almost all cases, it could be more reassuring. Backseat gaming is more popular on Twitch, YouTube and other gaming streaming sites.

How to Check if you are a Backseat Gamer?

Once you start to enjoy playing games, the passion arises in you to share your experience and way of playing with others. But it’s vital to ensure you are not acting like a backseat driver.

And when you provide commentary when someone else is playing while you are giving instructions or evaluating the performance, it spoils the story. It can ruin the game, and it will become annoying. If you want to ensure that you are backseat, then these few signs will help you identify this term:

  • You try to become over-efficient and like to advise while no one has asked for it. 
  • You get annoyed when people need to follow your instructions. 
  • If you do not have control, then you are the one who can’t enjoy yourself properly. 
  • You start to think the person who is playing is better than you.

How is Backseat Annoying?

The following few reasons will tell you why you get annoyed by backseat gamers:

  • At first, it’s natural that when you concentrate on your game, you want someone else to talk in your ear and tell you what to do next. 
  • Once you get in the competition, it takes away the game challenge, and people start to play like they are here to achieve something, which flies away once someone points out such a thing. 
  • This one becomes rude when someone asks for advice, but you take advantage of it by taking over someone else’s game.

Avoiding Backseat Gaming:

No need to worry. If you are willing to ensure that you are playing pleasantly while others are playing, then these factors can help you to avoid backseat gaming:

  • First of all, hold back yourself while others are playing. Be Aware of your poking behaviour and stop giving such advice. 
  • Keep your experience private from every point because the player has a different move. So, let the player enjoy his game throughout. 
  • It’s accepted that you are more experienced than anyone else, but you still need to try to involve yourself in others’ games. Respect other players’ experiences and thoughts and refrain from persuading them to accept your advice. 
  • And if you need help managing games like this, then it’s the right time to adopt another new hobby.

An alternative to such behaviour is playing on air in front of the camera while debating or doing commentary so that you can share your thoughts with people without getting judged. But if not, try to respect other people’s experiences and avoid getting involved in others’ experiences.

What is Backseat Gaming in Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming site that has become most popular in these years among gamers. It allows users to interact with the streamer, and sometimes the interaction takes the form of back seating. 

These casual users will offer their thoughts and personal experiences on what the steamer should do next, give advice, and try to take over the game. This can be helpful in all cases but keep in mind that not all streamers need help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does backseat mean in Twitch?

Backseat gaming in Twitch is when someone is watching you play a game, telling you what to do. Sometimes it can be helpful when you’re new and don’t know how to play it, but most of the time, it can be unpleasant.

Is backseat gaming toxic?

For some users, a backseat is a safe place for gaming scenes. But for others, it’s a new platform for creating toxicity and rude behaviour with others. 

Is it OK to be toxic in video games?

Being toxic in gaming is considered rude, and it might be harmful to some. So when you find something like that, then say something to stop it, like say, “Don’t be Toxic” so that it can affect them. 

What does it mean by back seating?

To be or become less critical, active or influential. It often refers to an unauthorised person, and most people refuse to be a backseat to anyone.

What percentage of gamers are toxic?

It’s been eight years since non-toxic scientific behaviour has been suspected online. According to a survey, one in five gamers show toxic behaviour, and it’s assumed that the gaming community can take hold of such behaviour.


Backseat gaming can be or cannot be helpful. You have to respect others’ experiences. It is essential to consider that your behaviour should not affect the gamer or the person you are playing with. Games are for everyone and are played for joy, so try to hold back your opinions and have fun.

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