How to Avoid Wrist Pain from Gaming

6 Best Methods to Avoid Wrist Pain from Gaming

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If you use the mouse for hours, either if you are a gamer or if you are a daily office worker, you will end up getting wrist pain that can be temporary, or else it can be long-lasting if you don’t take the early precautions for it. Wrist pain can be treated differently after examining how severe wrist pain is by any specialist. 

But still, some of the best things you can do as precautions, such as using the ice bags on the wrist area or using the wrist support, or the best option is to use the mousepad with the wrist support.

You can take a break after short intervals to take care of your wrist and prevent it from experiencing severe pain or any internal injury to muscles or bones. 

Here you might find ways to avoid wrist pain, so let’s look into the article to get more information about this.

Causes Of Wrist Pain:

  • Wrist Pain is mainly caused by the long-term usage of the mouse while gaming
  • Also, moving your fingers along with your wrist for overtyping or texting 
  • One of the factors is over aging 
  • Any of the medical issues of joints or bones.

Symptoms Of Wrist Pain:

  • Your wrist may feel stiff, numb, or sore
  • Feeling pain in the thumb during movements
  • Pain in the wrist while playing a game or even after playing

How to Avoid Wrist Pain from Gaming?

If you have early symptoms of wrist pain, you should take early prevention or precautions not to make it worse. Some of the things you should do if you have wrist pain are:

Thick Mouse Pad:

To avoid wrist pain in the first place, you should work using a good mouse pad with enough thickness will prevent wrist pain and make your working experience pleasant.

You can get a mouse with about 4mm thickness, which is ideal for making your experience comfortable. Head now to our custom mouse pad store and get a thick mouse pad for yourself.

Wrist Support:

A wrist support extension is quite helpful because it enables you to maintain a neutral wrist posture and supports the forearm, reducing the amount of stabilizing activity needed from those muscles.

Avoid resting your wrist or arm on the desktop when using a computer. Extending your wrist off the desktop will force you to operate the mouse with the entire length of your forearm, reducing the chance that you’ll stress a wrist nerve and cause carpal tunnel disorder.

Adjustment Of Positions:

The fundamental but most important thing is your wrist or hand posture while using the mouse. Keep your hand in a neutral position and make your fingers and forearm comfortable at the same height as the mouse so they can quickly move when needed.  

Wrist Exercises:

The specific exercises you do will help to increase the endurance and power of the tendons and muscles that regulate your wrist mobility.

Your capacity to bear more workload will rise as you become more engaged and enhance your body’s overall work performance. However, stretching and workouts designed particularly for your hands, wrists, and forearms will provide extra advantages.

Some of the wrist exercises’ names are given as follows:

Wrist Stretching:

Before and after the game, you should stretch your fingers and wrists and give them some movement by moving them in a few different directions.

This stretching will help to relieve tense muscles, keep a healthy range of motion, and enhance circulation. This might seem to be a simple movement of your hand, but it will surely help improve the strength of the muscles in your wrist.

Rest After Short Intervals:

The constant working for hours on the computer and using your hand and wrist for the mouse movements might end up giving you pain in your wrist, which you don’t want to have.

The little thing you can do to prevent this pain is to take a short break or give rest to your wrist after the short intervals for a few minutes because this constant work is putting a lot of pressure on your tendons and muscles, and if they are relaxed for a few minutes, you might not feel wrist pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do my wrists hurt when I play video games?

In gamers, repeated wrist extension while grabbing leads to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is typical of regular computer use, and video games played on consoles and computers. Specific health issues and individuals are more at risk for carpal tunnel disorder.

How is a gamer’s wrist treated?

For 1-3 days, completely stop playing video games. Move when you begin playing, finish the game, and in between small rests. Moving relieves strained muscles and assists in maintaining optimum movement flexibility and mobility.

Do gamers ever have carpal tunnel disorders?

Most computer games require the player to utilize a mouse or some device, frequently making quick, repeated motions with their hands, wrists, and arms. Gamers are, therefore, more sensitive to getting RSI, which can develop into carpal tunnel disorder.

Do professional gamers use wrist support?

Professional gamers frequently use wrist supports because they enable them to keep their wrists in a more neutral, relaxed posture while playing. The neutral stance, thought to be the least stressful on the wrist, is owned by wrist support. 


Wrist pain is the result of overloading your muscles and making them keep working for an extended time, and then you might feel wrist pain. But to prevent that pain or when you have it, you need to follow some of the steps in the article to lessen your pain and not make it worse.

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