Are Laptops Good for Gaming

Are Laptops Good for Gaming? Things To Know!

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Buying a gaming laptop all depends on your needs. And if you are using a laptop to play games, it is a good decision because of its versatility and power. This is because a PC covers more space, and spending a few hours on it is a waste. So if you have a laptop, you can work even better by sitting anywhere and getting connected easily.

Gaming on PCs VS. Laptops:

The main focus on the difference between both devices is the performance because laptops are meant for gaming purpose primarily, and it not only provides gaming but also helps you complete your work and other tasks as well, and in a quicker, more efficient, and more excellent way than the PCs.

Reasons why Gaming Laptop is Better:

If you have a gaming laptop, then it is worth it. Here are some compelling reasons why a gaming laptop is best for you:

All-in-1 Device:

Laptops are the only gadget that can prove all in one device. It offers such compatibility and capability in other works and different gaming. Other devices can give their performance in any one, but laptops play the role of PC, console, and standard laptops at one time. How can it work with all 3?


You can play games, work, and move here and there. 


Best used for gaming and working efficiently as a gaming player. But while gaming, you can’t use it for other functions.

Normal Laptops:

Their performance is excellent, but most of the standard laptops are not suitable for games because their processors are not built for gaming, especially the ones you used for the first time (the newer ones). 

More Power to do Work Stuff:

The laptops meant for gaming have strong working compatibility compared to the standard laptops and PCs. Gaming laptops have more power to browse web applications, Microsoft software, and other programs faster than any other device. 

On gaming laptops, you can get the command faster, it responds to you quickly, the software opens faster, and if you have more than 100 tabs open in the background, it cannot create any disturbance or get slow. As a result, the gaming laptop is more expensive, but it is worth it. 

Better than PC:

Portability is the essential quality of a good gaming laptop. You can take it anywhere; to work, to park, to conferences, to school/ college, to parties, while traveling, etc.

This shows that laptops are more comfortable than PCs (gaming or work). If you are playing a game on it, you can also set it on your desk, sit on the sofa, or go to bed carrying it. You relax with it even while playing. It is better and made according to the user’s needs. 

More Games than Consoles:

Before any other device, consoles are made for gaming purposes. But they are left behind because they don’t have vast storage, which is why they contain small amounts of the game stat. But Windows PCs and laptops have separate and more storage for games. 

Through research, it was stated that consoles like Playstation have around 4000 games and Xbox. But windows, PCs, or laptops have around 10,000+ games in the library. According to recent times, the top games like Escape from Tarkov, League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, Valorant, etc., still need to be made available on the consoles. 


Along with many other benefits, there is another benefit, which is their versatile connection. Gaming laptops are efficient and better at work, so they have power compatible with 2 or 3 monitors. If you play high-intensive games on PCs or Windows for a full day, it will start processing low, and your system will close automatically.

For a complete gaming day, you can set your gaming laptop as a server, connect it to the internet, and connect it to other devices like mobile phones or tablets. You can control the different functions through those devices. This can allow your laptop to have a vast connection as well. It can connect to a projector, LED, or sound system also. It helps make presentations and present them on the projector because of its efficient working.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is gaming better to be played on a laptop or desktop?

Most users thought PCs would provide them with such efficient gaming, but it’s not. Having a good gaming laptop is best because of its versatility and compatibility. 

How long do laptops last?

It is experienced that most laptops usually last for 3 to 5 years, depending on how you are using your laptop.

How much RAM is required for gaming?

The best-recommended gaming RAM is 16GB, and it is ideal for gaming purposes and will provide the best gaming experience. 

Which laptop is best for gaming?

Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 SE is among the most used laptops for gaming because its performance is the best in gaming and work. 

Do gaming laptops overheat?

Gaming laptops have a cooling system that can prevent them from getting hot. And it is evident that while playing games, the system receives heat, so your laptop should have a cooling system. Otherwise, you will have to return the graphics card or CPU to the store to resolve your matter. 


If you are a travel person and move around for work or gaming, then a gaming laptop is the best decision. And it is definitely worth the money. If you are a casual gamer and have work, then you can go for a gaming laptop because it provides you with efficient and quick working.

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