4k 30Hz vs 4K 60Hz Which should you choose

4k 30Hz vs 4K 60Hz: Which should you choose?

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60Hz refresh rate is better than 30Hz in frame rate. On CRT screens, 30 Hz was much lower than everyday use and would be stressful for you. LCD and LED try to cover this issue, but the difference still exists. A higher refresh rate means less flicker screen and a better picture.

This outline will tell you the difference between the 4K 30 Hz and 60Hz according to their main differences like watching, experience, image quality and compatibility. To decide which is good quality, between 30Hz and 60Hz in 4K watching, you must keep some basic facts about FPS, refresh rates and their compatibility. These factors are interlinked with each other.

What is the Refresh Rate?

30 Hz and 60 Hz are the most usable refresh rates in the 4K view of the TV and other big screens, but 60 Hz is the most used display, especially for modern productions. A higher refresh rate commonly provides smooth image quality and a clearer view for watching.

Especially for those fast and heavy graphics gaming, the use of a high refresh rate is critical. It is identified by how often your monitor gets a software update and shows visuals of new images and pictures.

The best example for this justification is that if you watch a 4K video on a display of 30Hz, the images can be shown 30 times per second. Similarly, if you care about the production of 60Hz, it can show you the visuals at double the rate of 4K 30Hz, that is, 60 Hz per second.

Frames Per Second:

FPS or Frames per second means how fast your system can update the visuals and graphics. For instance, a 24 FPS means it takes 24 milliseconds for the view to get the difference between pictures and images. It depends on how many fps you have.

The higher FPS or fewer milliseconds, the clearer and smoother your video games will get while playing. This means the frame rate will improve in 4K monitors with higher refresh rates.

60Hz will produce a high rate of FPS and make the update of images and videos smoother than 30 Hz. You will get smoother gameplay and pure satisfaction while playing games or watching high-quality movies.


As you all know, not all hardware devices are compatible with generating higher refresh rates. If you want a 60Hz display, you must ensure that your system can support it. Then try playing those games and observe how high the rate of fps your computer can reach. Then try to use some specifically designed apps to calculate the refresh rate, which depends on FPS.

There is a condition which can restrict your system from doing such action. If your CPU or GPU need to be more vital to deal with high refresh rates, then a 4K display with 60 Hz does not create such a difference. On the other hand, if you prefer to use a 30Hz 4K screen with a robust hardware device, which can limit the quality of visuals and FPS to relate to the screen.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the pixels of images and videos of the game to achieve more refresh rates. For instance, while playing games, you can change from 4K visuals to 1080p and achieve a higher refresh rate.

What is the best option?

In short, 4K 60Hz is the best option compared with 4K 30 Hz picture quality, frame rate, and the watching experience. The difference is evident when you can swap between 30Hz and 60Hz refresh rates when watching at 4K.

Following are the three factors to consider when choosing between 4k 30Hz and 60Hz.

  • Your CPU and GPU should be compatible enough to deliver the instructions further so that videos can be viewed on the screen. 
  • Your hardware device already has a connection to deliver and receive 4K 30 Hz or 4k 60 Hz refresh rates. It depends on the version of HDMI which you are using. 
  • Another important factor is its affordability.

Refresh Rate Comparison – 30 Hz vs 60 Hz:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is 30Hz enough for 4K Movies?

30 Hz is sufficient for a 4K movie, but the display it will give you on the screen will be like a slow pace screen, and its frame rate will give you a bad experience of watching that movie. 

Can HDMI support 4K 60Hz?

Yes, it can fully support 4K 60Hz. But for this support, you should have an HDMI of 2.0 version. Most of the new laptops or systems come with such versions.

How can you notice a difference between 30Hz and 60Hz?

There is no such visible difference, but if you use your system daily, you will observe the massive difference in the performance of these two refresh rates by the screen display.

Is it better to have a higher Hz or lower?

A higher refresh rate means you have the best working screen that is smoother on your eyes. But still, if you are trying to provide comfort to your eyes, then a refresh rate of 120Hz is best. There is no requirement to have more than this refresh rate.

How many Hz is good quality?

Most of the time, 60 Hz is an ideal and good refresh rate for watching 4k videos and movies. 


Now you are familiar with the difference between 30Hz and 60Hz. 60Hz will provide you with better visuals and the best experience of watching movies or playing games, but it has higher prices and needs a more powerful hardware device.

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